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Chihshan Kuie
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Chihshan Kuei(赤山粿)
  In ancient times, rumor has it that people, who made Kuei as a part time job in order to help support their families, account for more than 35 percent of the people in the village engaged in agriculture. Therefore, not only do Chihshan Kuei(赤山粿) contacts with the skills which is about how to make traditional rice snacks but also a speciality for ancestors to earn a living in hard times.Chihshan Kuei(赤山粿) has a variety of flavors as well as different kinds of products in every season, such as Mi-Tai-Mu(米苔目), Liang-Kuei(涼粿),Fen-Tiao(粉條), Fen-Yuan(粉圓),
  Liang-Yuan(涼圓). Besides, as long as you can call the name, every cook can make the kind of rice snacks according to your own wish. The common ones are such as Shuan-Tsen Kuei(雙層粿), Hei-Tang Kuei(黑糖粿), Hung-Yuan(紅圓), Fa Kuei(發粿), Tsai-Tou Kuei(菜頭粿), Tien Kuei(甜粿), Tien-Yu Kuei(甜芋粿), Chiu-Tsen Kuei(九層粿), Yu-Yao Kuei(芋腰粿), Shu-Chu Kuei(鼠麴粿), Tsau-Tsai Kuei(草仔粿), Pao Tsai Kuei(包仔粿), Rice Cake(米糕), etc. All of them are local rice snacks. Most important of all, they all are steamed, not by fried.


國家圖書館著作權聲明 Copyright 2004 National Central Library
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